Our Cleaning Method

Aspen Roto Clean is a pioneer in the carpet cleaning industry of Salt Lake, Davis, and Summit Counties of Utah. We have been providing extensive carpet and rug cleaning services to a wide range of residential as well as commercial clients. Our technicians use high powered Rotovac equipment to extract hidden dirt and dust from the deepest layers of your carpet as well as restore the shine of its fibers. The rotary vacuum head ensures a multi-directional cleaning of the carpet. The Patented Rotovac Powerwand can be operated with one hand and all the cleaning muscle is provided by the motors. The dual high torque motors in the Rotovac carpet cleaning equipment offers far superior results than any other technique.

Our Carpet Cleaning Procedure


Before beginning the process, our technicians will carefully inspect the carpet to assess its fiber density, fabric, pile height, etc. to determine the most effective cleaning method. We will also identify any particular areas with stains, excessive soiling, and damage that need to be treated.


A cleaning solution is applied to the carpet and left for some time so that it penetrates the underlying layers. Specialized chemicals may be used to remove urine, food, ink, wine, and other stains from the carpet.


Using the High powered Rotovac cleaning equipment, we will thoroughly rinse the carpet to wash out the dirt along with the cleaning solution. Our technicians are proficient in regulating pressure and heart to maintain the pH level of your carpet and avoid leaving any sticky residues after completion of the cleaning process.

We use a totally green cleaner, Procyon, to clean your carpets. Procyon is powerful and versatile and used by professional carpet cleaners for over 35 years. Soap-free Procyon has been performance tested and approved by the Carpet & Rug Institute.

Apply Protector:

A high-quality protector or sealer may be applied to extend the life of the fibers and enhance the shine of your carpet.

To request carpet cleaning services in Salt Lake City, Summit, or Davis County, UT, contact Aspen Roto Clean at (801) 975 –1331