Floor Cleaning – Salt Lake, Davis And Summit Counties, UT

Aspen Roto Clean is a leading company serving Salt Lake, Summit, and Davis County. We have been providing complete floor cleaning services to residential as well as commercial properties in various locations across Utah. Whether your hardwood floors have deteriorated over time or concrete floors have accumulated dirt, we can provide you the solution to restore their look. Our specialized cleaning methods will make sure that your floors are absolutely clean and sparkling, giving a welcoming feel to your property.

Deep And Thorough Cleaning For Your Beautiful Floors

Extend the life of your tile, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, concrete, marble, or stone flooring with the professional cleaning services offered by Aspen Roto Clean. Dust and soil particles may build up over time and make your floor look filthy. If not cleaned properly, it may become damaged or scratched. Mopping and vacuuming are usually not sufficient to wipe out the hidden dirt from the floors. With our high powered equipment as well as the selection of cleaning agents, we will make sure that your floors retain the same luster and shine for many years.

We Are The Floor Cleaning Specialists Serving Davis, Summit And Salt Lake Counties, UT

At Aspen Roto Clean, we are committed to providing a deep-down cleaning for your floors, bringing about a significant improvement in their appearance. Whether it is a regular cleaning or a complete refinishing for heavily damaged floors, you can count on us. We utilize commercial grade rotary brush to reach out to even the most difficult corners in any room. Post cleaning, our technicians will also apply a quality sealer to make your floor resistant to stains, scratches, and rust.

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